VNV Nation in Brooklyn / NY

The official website of VNV Nation describes them as follows: „Irish/English duo VNV Nation have persistently leaped from strength to strength, over the years, emerging as a powerhouse in the alternative electronic rock and industrial scenes. Their unique sound blends thematic lyrics and emotive vocals with influences from electronic music, indie, rock, dance music, classical and much more. The music can range from hard-hitting beats to indie-electronic anthems to haunting ballads to symphonic orchestrations. VNV Nation have also earned incredible acclaim for their energetic live shows and gained a fanatical worldwide following.“

These guys are as such one of my favorite music groups. The concert at the Williamsburg Music Hall was actually their second gig during their Automatic-Tour. Of course I also went to the show at Webster Hall end of last year and also tried to get in contact with the managers in order to ask for a photo permit. I was told that only the band can give such permission, but my efforts to reach the management let alone Ronan Harris (Front man of VNV) were futile.

For the concert in Brooklyn I tried a similar approach, and again I was told the same: Only the band/management can issue such permission. Nice as these people are they also did not provide me with a respective contact or mail address to pose my question to someone in charge. So, when the evening of the concert finally arrived I decided to simply give it a shot and thus to try bringing my camera into the concert hall. I stripped the instrument down to its bare minimum, took only one fixed aperture lens (sometimes one can argue with security that it is a simple camera with no changeable lens…) and -much to my surprise- was not even searched, let alone my bag pack. Well, this went smooth so far and once the concert started I could actually start taking pictures. Wow! Well, after a good hour or so, security came to me and told me firmly that I have to check my camera now, order by the band management. No chance. In the end, I of course missed to document some great moments of the concert, especially the encores and farewell would have resulted in some good shots. But all in all, I am happy and grateful that it all worked out well. I think I got some good shots and also could continue practising shooting with difficult light conditions. I hope you like them.

Here is the link to the Slideshow

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