About Anshitsu

Great that you found your way to my webspace. The major theme of this website is photography, mainly the results of my Urban Explorations. Hence, I present lost and forgotten places, industrial ruins, cemeteries, in short, darkly romantic motifs with dilapidated charm.
In addition though, also some impressions from my travels and Life in general will be featured.

Since I was 16 years old (but probably longer) I have been (among other things) interested in obscure and out of the ordinary things. This manifests itself for example through my music preferences (see links).
A penchant for dark-romanticism cannot be denied. So far I’m (mostly still) a passive consumer. However, with my further evolving hobby of digital photography I have now opened up opportunities to be creatively active in this direction.
In particular, I find the at first seemingly outlandish idea of ​​aesthetics of decay, which for example falls in the eye at e.g. old industrial compounds, extremely exciting and inspiring.
On this website, I would like to give my passion a greater forum and thus present my results to the interested public.

I can and will not deny a certain inspiration from other photographers. To the right You will find links to some Internet sites that have similar motifs and photographs as well as other stuff which at least I find interesting.
By the way, the word “Anshitsu” is Japanese and means “dark room”.

Due to my international environment I have decided to use mainly English as language for the posts. However, it might be that some articles I leave with their German original texts.

Be open and have fun!


2 Responses to “About Anshitsu”

  1. Jörg 5. Januar 2013 11:52 #

    Hi Roman, die vielen Klicks von Heute kommen von mir, macht immer wieder Freude Deine Bilder anzuschauen, beneide Dich um die grandiosen Locations die du findest!
    grüße aus D, Jörg

    • Roman 5. Januar 2013 17:00 #

      Hi Joerg,

      danke, ich hoffe Dir gefallen nicht nur die Locations;-) Wenn Du magst und es zeitlich passt, koennten wir ja auch mal gerne zusammen auf Tour gehen, ich bin mir sicher, ich kann noch so Einiges von Dir lernen.

      LG, Roman

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