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Dadipark / Belgium

Here are the results of another location I explored with Fuerst earlier in 2012. Dadipark in the Belgian village of Dadizele opened already in 1949 and was supposedly one of the first of its kind in Europe. During its peak years it hosted up to 1 Mio visitors. The park featured more simple and child-friendly […]

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Powerplant ECVB

Powerplant ECVB / Belgium

Earlier in 2012 I was on a little photo tour with Fuerst during which we also had the chance to visit one of the best known Urbex spots in Belgium or even Europe: the CEFB (i.e. Électriques des Flandres et du Brabant) Powerplant in the vicinity of Gent, or more famously known among the „crowd“ […]

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Chatillon 2 front

Car Graveyard #2 in Chatillon / Belgium

So here are the photos for the second site in Chatillon. This is the one which made Chatillon famous among the Urbex scene. Indeed, the round about 100 to 150 cars in various stages of decomposition offered a large resource of interesting shots. Here is the link to the Slideshow

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Chatillon1 front

Car Graveyard #1 in Chatillon / Belgium

The little village Chatillon in Southern Belgium is also one of the classical Urbex locations in Europe. When I was there in 2008 and 2009 two of the originally four car dumps were still present. The car bodies are mostly stemming from the 1950’s and 1960’s, put and left there as remainders from a close-by […]

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Chateau Noisy

Chateau Noisy / Belgium

This opulent residence was built as a summer home for the family Liedekerke de Beaufort in 1866 by the English architect Milner, although he died before seeing its completion. The Château de Miranda, as it was called then, was owned and used by the family until 1958, except when it was briefly occupied by the […]

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