Car Graveyard #1 in Chatillon / Belgium

The little village Chatillon in Southern Belgium is also one of the classical Urbex locations in Europe.
When I was there in 2008 and 2009 two of the originally four car dumps were still present. The car bodies are mostly stemming from the 1950’s and 1960’s, put and left there as remainders from a close-by US Army base.
I heard though that at least one of the two remaining spots has been cleaned out meanwhile. Too bad actually…

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  1. Arco Bot 14. Juli 2012 12:48 #

    I’m sorry to tell you, but there all cleared out now. Sad day for urbex and car enthousiast all over the world.

    • Roman 16. Juli 2012 17:49 #

      Thanks Pal for sharing. I heard some respective rumours before but could not verify them so far. Now it appears to be fact. I’m glad that I could still see it and preserve some images for keeping the memory alive…

  2. Mark 4. Januar 2013 12:00 #

    Do you know if these cars are still there and who owns them?

    • Roman 4. Januar 2013 19:19 #

      Hi there,

      I have heard that the cars had been removed a couple of months ago. However, this is only hear-say. I suggest you comb further through the net, usually you will find recent comments on the subject and can thus verify this information.
      I guess both sites were private properties, so naturally there would be an owner. But I guess it just was seen and as treated as garbage, so I had no moral issues roaming around there.
      If you find out more, please let me know.
      Cheers, Roman

  3. Anonymous 26. Juni 2013 22:58 #

    if you look at google maps and then satilite, you can see that they’re still there just not so much anymore!

  4. Roman 16. September 2013 20:06 #

    Yeah, Google maps/satellite images are most of the time outdated and could be up to a year old when you look at them in google maps…So, at this point I do not know whether there are still cars at those sites or not…

  5. jo 20. April 2016 14:26 #

    Hello the car in wood that does not exist any more but I would like to know the small house with car parts I liked knowing if that still exists?

    • Roman 31. August 2017 18:12 #

      Hi Jo,
      sorry for the late answer. I was busy with a lot of other things so did not work a lot on my web presence….The house with the parts and the surrounding car wrecks are actually inside the village of Chatillon, pretty close and accessible from the main/through street. If you drive through there you should be able to see it, it is where there are a lot of bushes right next to the street. Let me know whether this was helpful, otherwise I will try to post some coordinates.

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