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Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery / NY

Sleepy Hollow is a well known place, mainly due to the mysterious tale written down by Washington Irving. The little town close to Tarrytown in the State of New York has also one of the most beautiful cemeteries in the area, full of history and resting souls. The official website of the cemetery writes the […]

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Melaten Cemetery

Melaten Cemetery in Cologne / Germany

The Melaten Cemetery is the central cemetery of the town of Cologne. The name „Melaten“ comes from the French word „malade“ which has the same meaning as the English „malady“. It’s history goes back to the 12th century when the area located an asylum for people suffering from leprosy, called „campus leprosi“…. Later, in the […]

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The Cross

Sleepy Hollow Cemetery / NY @night

These are the results of a very interesting night photography workshop held by Lance Keimig. I have learned a lot and certainly a spark was lit in me. In einem Gastbeitrag fuer den Schwarzen Planeten habe ich folgende Zeilen hierzu verfasst: Der Friedhof von Sleepy Hollow oder Naherholungsgebiete fuer den Gruftie von Welt in der […]

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Them Bones

Ossuary in Kutna Hora / Cz

The history of sacred facilities in Sedlec (in the neighborhood of today’s Kutna Hora in Bohemia, about 70 km south of Prague) goes back to the 10th Century. At the time of the plague in the 14th Century and during the Hussite Wars in the 15th Century more than 30,000 people were buried in the […]

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