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Creedmoor State Hospital in Queens, NY was founded in 1912 as the Farm Colony of Brooklyn State Hospital, with 32 patients, at Creedmoor (thus the name) by the Lunacy Commission of New York State, reflecting a trend towards sending the swelling population of urban psychiatric patients to the fresh air of outlying areas.
By 1918, Creedmoor’s own census had swollen to 150, housed in abandoned National Guard barracks which were leftovers from a former use of the land.
By 1959, the hospital housed 7,000 inpatients. Creedmoor was described as a crowded, understaffed institution.
The hospital’s census had declined by the early 1960s, however, as the introduction of new medications, along with other factors, led to the deinstitutionalization of many psychiatric patients around the world. In 1975, the land in Glen Oaks formerly used to raise food for the hospital was opened to the public as the Queens County Farm Museum. Another part of the campus in Glen Oaks was developed into the Queens Children’s Psychiatric Center.
In 2004, the remaining part of Creedmoor land in Glen Oaks was developed into the Glen Oaks public school campus, including The Queens High School of Teaching.
By 2006, other parts of the Creedmoor campus had been sold and the inpatient census was down to 470.
There are several disused buildings on the property, including the long-abandoned Building 25, which is featured in the shown photos.
Source: Wikipedia

I visited the location twice throughout the last couple of years. Despite the desolate condition, the level of vandalism is fortunately relatively low, I guess mostly due to the fact that the building is practically surrounded by still active parts of the campus.
Inspired by this impressive location I/we created a short film together with a good friend of mine which can be seen here.

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