Powerplant ECVB / Belgium

Earlier in 2012 I was on a little photo tour with Fuerst during which we also had the chance to visit one of the best known Urbex spots in Belgium or even Europe: the CEFB (i.e. Électriques des Flandres et du Brabant) Powerplant in the vicinity of Gent, or more famously known among the „crowd“ as ECVB.
Built in 1913, the domain contained the actual power station, administrative buildings and official residences. It was designed to use coal, oil and gas as fuel.
In 1990, after the construction of a new powerplant in the vicinity, the electricity production was stopped and the production of steam and hot water for district heating thus belonged now to the past.
Sadly, in August 2012 demolition of the buildings has begun, so it appears that this site of pilgrimage will soon be history for good. I am glad and lucky to still have seen it intact.
Enjoy the photos!

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