Papermill in York / PA

The Schmidt & Ault Paper Company occupies a historic site. At this place George King, an enterprising citizen of York began
to manufacture high grade writing paper about 1810. The machinery was moved by water power, and the establishment was named The Codorus Paper Mills. In 1812, George King erected a large building and a
brick mansion nearby. He continued to make foolscap and note paper in large quantities very successfully for a period of forty years. After his death the business was continued by his son, J. B. King. Jessup &
Moore owned the mill for several years and then it passed into the hands of Mr. Horton.
In 1888, the property was purchased by the York Water Company, and then leased to A. A. Yerkes and later to F. M.
Rudolph, whose father had been one of the early employees of George King. The Schmidt & Ault Paper Company with John C. Schmidt, president, and Robert A. G. Ault, secretary and treasurer, purchased the mills in 1897 and manufactured building, wrapping and carpet lining paper. About fifty hands were regularly employed. The company closed around 2000.

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