Main Hardware Depot Bunker / Germany

In the 1960s -just a couple of kilometers away from the Main Medical Depot Bunker– also a Main Hardware Depot Bunker (GerHDep) was dug into the mountainous flanks of the Wisper valley.

The facility consists of rhombically built street and storage tunnels and galleries, which spread over a total length of over ten kilometers. The stored articels mainly consisted of replacement parts and replenishment goods, but neither weapons nor ammunition. The warehousing area also had several high rack storage systems.

The main entry tunnel has a length of more than one kilometer and was built as oneway street. Half way through the mountain the entrances are located which can be closed by pressure doors (This layout should made sure that a potential nuclear explosion pressure wave won’t hit the entrance doors frontally).

I visited the bunker in 2009, shortly after most of the stored goods as well as many of the racks already had been removed. It remains unclear which fate this huge underground maize will see. Most likely it will be sealed and left to rest in silence…

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