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Japan / Between Tradition and Progress / 2006

Back in March 2006, I visited Japan together with my friend Simone, who had been staying there for a language course, in order to discover a very strange -for me at first- country. Her vast experience and knowledge of land and culture naturally helped tremendously to discover and understand its very unique features and specialties. […]

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Bernauer Strasse

Berlin / Germany

Berlin has round about 3,5 Mio citizens and is not only the capital but naturally also the biggest city of Germany, both in number of people and covered area. It is the only metropolitan city in Germany and has quite an eventful history. Parts of its history can be found everywhere throughout the vast city […]

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Observation Tower

Observation Tower / Shikoku / Japan

It was just a total coincidence to find this jewel during a trip to Shikoku, one of the main islands of Japan. We drove up that hill in order to get a nice view over the ocean, and there it was…The tower was most likely used mainly for booked receptions and parties. At some point […]

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Them Bones

Ossuary in Kutna Hora / Cz

The history of sacred facilities in Sedlec (in the neighborhood of today’s Kutna Hora in Bohemia, about 70 km south of Prague) goes back to the 10th Century. At the time of the plague in the 14th Century and during the Hussite Wars in the 15th Century more than 30,000 people were buried in the […]

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Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2011 in Leipzig / Germany

The Wave-Gotik Treffen (WGT) is the world’s largest festival for „dark culture“ held each Pentecost in Leipzig, Germany. About 20.000 – 25.000 visitors and more than 150 bands and artists attend the festival each year. During the 4 days (Friday – Monday) the whole city is populated by all kind of people connected to the […]

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Upstairs or Downstairs?

Lava Caves in Mendig / Germany

The city of Mendig in Germany has northwest of the railroad station an area of about 0.3km² which is riddled with old cellars. This underground labyrinth was created by the quarring or mining of basalt. The basalt was used for millstones, which were exported and became the basis of the wealth of the city. They […]

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